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"Each pipe is unique"

"Each pipe has its own personality, different from the others, it's always a moving encounter" Jules Maigret.

And it is this emotion that I would like to share through the different series of pipes that I offer to you. 

Each series has its personality, its history and illustrates in its own way a part of our passion.

Whatever the budget or aesthetics, I remain above all concerned to provide you with "good pipe".

Accueil: Bienvenue

My propositions

To give free rein to your desires, mine too, but also to make my offer accessible to different budgets, I offer you multiple choices! Hoping that you will find your happiness there.

And if not, but you have a suggestion, contact me so we can discuss it.

Good visit !



Total freedom

...with the laws of nature as the only limits and above all,

those of my know-how!

Handmade pipes are entirely handmade...



Tradition and terroir

Pipes that have a soul. The Factory pipes, I make them  from heads sketched out, turned on machines and which for the most part come from factories Sanclaudian...


Estates and Customs

Past and second life

... in the century which is ours, there is a major objective which is that of not wasting. What better example than the "Estate pipe" to illustrate it? Giving a second life to objects from the past. 

I offer you here...

Tamper & Cie

Pipe stuffers and accessories

In this section, I will try to offer you something to accompany our passion. Above all, you will find handmade pipe tampers. Depending on the findings...

Contact us

23 Liberation Street


Thank you for what you sent !

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