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To tell you a bit about me...

My name is Christophe Wolff, I was born in Strasbourg in Alsace and it is in Troisfontaines in Moselle that I set up my workshop.

Even though my grandfather was a pipe smoker, it wasn't until the age of 34, in 2009, that my interest in the world of pipe making began to appear. This interest quickly turned into a passion!

In order to build up a small herd, a small harem, I started by buying second-hand pipes, antiquing in flea markets, on the net. I first restored them for myself, then little by little, I restored them to resell them, buy new ones... until I offered them for sale on a small personal site,"briar-choice", some may remember it.

The idea of going beyond has always been present in a corner of my head and above all, the desire has never left me.

The journey is sometimes long, you have to know how to seize opportunities when they arise, believe in yourself and sometimes force destiny! 

After two years of making every effort to set up my workshop - and step by step, imagining, planning, then finally, learning the trade "on the job", by myself and with wise advice -finally I am happy to open the doors of my little world to you.

Welcome to my home !

I hope you enjoy my technical and stylistic proposals, and that my pipes that have become yours can bring you a lot of pleasure! 

I take advantage of this page to recommend some friends, some...



First of all, the site and the forum without which I would not be here talking to you about my passion, the group that accompanied me on my journey as a pipe smoker:

Of course, no forum without an administrator! Hats off to Guillaume Laffly for his dedication, altruism and tenacity! If you are looking for an ember mug that is out of the ordinary, go here:

And then, 2 early supporters since the official announcement of my project:

Pipe maker Bruno Nuttens, whom I no longer need to introduce to you. Bruno who offered me his help "for anything"! "Bruno, I take this opportunity to thank you publicly for your generosity and your sharing of present and future experience!!!":

And finally, Jean-Luc Rochat, a passionate about the object who puts all his know-how and   meticulousness into restoring your pipes and offering you his "estate" pipes for sale. Thank you Jean-Luc   for your support and encouragement from the very beginning!

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